Masonry Matters

July 24, 2015

It comes to a sober surprise to many, that there are high school seniors in the Commonwealth of Kentucky who are destitute. By that I mean, there are those who do not have money to meet even the basic needs and wants of a high school student. Even in the most thriving school districts, there are young men and women enrolled in our public schools who cannot afford to go to basketball games, pay fees for certain extra curricula activity, or expenses to participate in such constructive activities as band, debate team, or cheerleading.

A high school principal in one of the more prosperous school systems reports that he had one student who did not have decent clothes to wear to school. When proper ones were bought for him, they were promptly stolen at home. Consequently, clothes were bought for him, kept at school for him to change in and out of each day upon arriving and leaving school.

Some schools have resources upon which to rely in order to meet some of these needs. Many, if not most do not. Even with those schools which can turn to giving hands, there is still always more need than money.

So, upon this great need, Masonry Matters was born.

Local lodges in the counties are coming together to conduct joint collections or fund raising efforts for the needy children in their local schools. The lodges jointly make their contribution to the respective principals to go toward the needs of these young students. The only condition placed upon the gift, it that it be given according to need, without regard to color, creed or gender, and that the recipient simply be told, “it’s from the Masons”. We trust our school principals with the rest.

The declining membership in Free Masons speaks to the growing apathy toward our great fraternity. With our ancient signs and symbols, we are perceived as no longer relevant in today’s society. And to some extent, and sadly, this has become true.

But to the young man who gets to play the trumpet in the high school band, or the young girl who gets to attend her one and only prom, we become very relevant, when we give them this precious opportunity.

Nothing can be more productive for our country than to give to the mental, spiritual, and cultural growth of our young. Nothing can sell Masonry more than for a youngster to be told, “the local Masons care about you.” That young man so assisted or the brother of that young girl given aid may be so inspired by our gifts as to want to know more about our order, and eventually become members. At the very least, this very critical segment of our society will know from heart warming experience that Masonry Matters.

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